Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shoot The Messenger

It would be irresponsible not to mention several transgressions that might be used in a smear campaign. I don't use racial slurs at other people to hurt them but years ago I was having a psychological crisis and said some terrible things in a phone conversation and at the end of the phone call I seemed to come out of a trance and I asked my friend on the other end of the line what I had been saying. He confirmed that I had gone on an angry racist rant. My life history is proof that I am not racist. This includes girlfriends, roommates, jobs, neighborhoods etc. My parents divorced when I was a teen and I experimented with drugs but stopped when I was twenty. During times of depression like loss of a job or relationship I would begin to drink again or smoke cannabis and then after a while I would stop. Years ago I lost my job and my home and stayed with a friend where I was surrounded by drug use and at that time I used cocaine several times but that is the only time since I was twenty. I've had tumors, surgury,and a long illness, and used cannabis to increase my appetite and maintain weight. In the past year I've smoked once. I owe back taxes and student loans that I have tried to repay but stopped the payments recently because of financial strains. There is a possibility that mistakes I've made will be used to discredit me and change the subject. Please try to ignore the smoke screen of half truths and lies and focus on the facts. Sincerely Marshall Gregory Thomas

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